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"Just Around the Corner" Manuscript PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kari Carr   
Thursday, 26 August 2010












































































































































Last Updated ( Thursday, 26 August 2010 ) Video PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kari Carr   
Monday, 05 July 2010








              Follow this link to watch it:  Clearly Perfect Angles at Spring Quilt Market.




Last Updated ( Wednesday, 07 July 2010 )
Market ~ Finally Final PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kari Carr   
Sunday, 20 June 2010



































































































Back row: Roseann, Heather, Sandy, me, Terry, Carrie, Linda

Front row: Terri, Pat, Gudrun

Now, I forgot to mention in the last post that I was doing a give-away.  How do you win?  Well,  

just leave a comment  AND tell me what

grade you got in Home-Ec!!


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 22 June 2010 )
Market Review PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kari Carr   
Monday, 07 June 2010




















































































































































































Check out Karen's blog:  My Red Farmhouse and her store Farmhouse Woolens.

Faye also has a very funny blog:  Behind My Picket Fence

Last Updated ( Monday, 07 June 2010 )
New patterns debuting for spring market PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kari Carr   
Saturday, 15 May 2010

We're delighted to announce that we'll be debuting 5 new patterns at market this month!

Autumn's Essence
Autumn's Essence
Warm colors. Beautiful wools. Nature's beauty. Ah, the essence of autumn. Enjoy.
Dimensions: Pillow: 15" x 32"
Pillow Pincushion
Pillow, Pincushion, Pouch: SNOWFLAKE
A simple wool applique adorns these three adorable projects.
Dimensions: Pillow 15" sq; Pinchusion 5 1/2" square; Pouch 4 1/2" x 7"
Desert Sky
Desert Sky
"A Single Sensation" Plus "Extra Credit"

An intricate pattern created with only one block. It truly is "a single sensation". Using a clever technique with the Clearly Perfect Angles allows you to make a smaller quilt from all the "left-overs".
Dimensions: 56" x 72"
Fall's Finery
Fall's Finery
Fons & Porter's cover quilt finally in pattern form.
Dimensions: 39" square
Beauty Bright
Beauty Bright
Starry Night, Beauty Bright! The stars shine on this quilt just right.
Dimensions: 3 sizes: 48" square, 32" square, 16" square
First trip to the quilt store PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kari Carr   
Saturday, 01 May 2010

Grandma needed backing for her last quilt before market.  Baby Kendall was visiting so she got to go to her first quilt store. 

It had to be to our friend Karen's store, "Farmhouse Woolens and Dry Goods".













Here she is with Grandma by some yummy fabrics.














Of course, one of the best parts is touching the fabrics.  And OH! that beautiful wool.














Here, well, Kendall is just posing!























Three months isn't too young to start them, is it????

I have tons to do to get ready for market and I'd rather be cuddling... so I am!!!



It's a good day when... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kari Carr   
Tuesday, 06 April 2010

1.  I can escape the Minnesota winter for awhile.



















 products are on display in an Arizona quilt shop.



Jude from The Quilted Apple.

What a wonderful store to visit!  Stop by if you are in the Phoenix area!  I wish I could take rug hooking lessons there!!









3.  I watch Brandon bonding with his niece.
















4.  the diaper cake stayed together for a baby shower I hosted. ( I was wishing for a 3rd hand making this!)














5.  good friends share some moments with their new grand-daughters.














6.  yummy fabric arrives from Cherrywood Fabrics.





Thanks Linda!








7.  I like the new patterns I'm working on!  (whew)



 Only sneek peeks allowed!












































8.  we can take a little vacation with friends (& watch dolphins swim around our boat). See Karen at My Red Farmhouse.














9.  I get to visit one of my ALL time favorite shops, "Quilt Lover's Hangout" in Ft. Myers, FL to see what they have done with my patterns.



How cute is Snippets of Spring done up in pastels???










And Winter Blooms made up in nauticals is perfect for this area.


















Sometimes when life gets stressful and things seem out of whack, it's good to do a little reflection.  It's was time for me to sit back and realize  I'm one lucky girl (and oh, so thankful!). 

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 06 April 2010 )
Happy Easter PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kari Carr   
Sunday, 04 April 2010 

Welcome to the Family! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kari Carr   
Monday, 08 February 2010
Last Updated ( Thursday, 11 February 2010 )
A Cold & Stormy Night PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kari Carr   
Wednesday, 27 January 2010
clearly perfect angles
 Brrr...between the snow and cold, we are having to find things to keep us busy inside.  So besides picking up knitting needles and doing some quilting, we finally got our Christmas present working.


 It feels so good to get warm. We are also hoping the health benifits are true.  Do any of you use a sauna?



I know I have been away for awhile.  Not sure there is an excuse or that I'm any more busy than the rest of you. But does misplacing my camera from after New Year's Eve until just a week ago count????  Anyway, this blog is going to be just a quick look back & forward. 








Getting together with friends is so enjoyable.  The Woolies exchanged snowmen gift and the Groupies got together for dinner and a scarf exchange. The weather played havoc with travel for my youngest son, his girlfriend and my brother's family.  It was a very quiet couple days with just our oldest son and his wife.  It's pretty obvious that next Christmas will be more fun with a little one around




















Isn't our lab, Bella, cute?  She was just snuggling with Annie on the floor and took over the pillow when she got up. 

 For New Year's Eve we did something a little different for us.  And no, it was a bit more exciting than making it to midnight (although, we haven't made it some years!).  Our local hospital put on a fundraising gala.  The theme was a Night in Paris.  The Groupies took up two tables and we had a great time even if we didn't win the trip to France! gala_group.jpg






















After the holiday rush I treated myself to a quilting retreat at a house in Waconia, MN.  Now, to only have had my camera for that because this was a group of Minnesota quilt designers.  Gudrun (GE Designes), Terry (Atkinson Designs), Celine (Perkin's Dry Goods), Jamie (Scrap Bags), Sherri (This 'n That), Lorri (Bean Counter Quilts) & a talented young man, Doug (Antler Quilt Designs). It was like any other retreat:  stayed up late, laughed, ate too much, and didn't get as much done as I had hoped.

I've kept busy with other projects like submitting a book proposal (keep your fingers crossed for me), doing a trunk show in Brainerd (Pinetree Quilt Guild), and making the bedding & valance for the baby's room.

I also hosted the Woolies last week.  Not a good time to not have a camera.  What talented women they are!!!!  I made a yummy Walnut Pear Coffee Cake. 

  Walnut Pear Coffee Cake Recipe This virtual cake is from All Recipe's website and you can click here to get the recipe. Try it!


My latest and most enjoyable project has been knitting this little sweater for the grand babe!  Hopefully, you can see how it's going to look when it's done. Her due date is in 3 days... please keep everyone in your prayers!  AND, I better keep at this so it's done before she gets here!!

















Well, this post has been kind of a hodgepodge... looking back and looking forward.  I don't, however, think it is too late to wish you all...


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 27 January 2010 )
Doesn't happen every day... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kari Carr   
Monday, 07 December 2009

Living in a small sleepy town is really nice and I don't think you could pay me enough to move to a big city.  But sometimes you just have to get out of town, because well....there's not much happening around here.

Some of us girls headed down to the Twin Cities (aka Minneapolis/St. Paul) a couple weeks ago for a little culture.  We kinda, sorta got dressed up and went to the musical, "Grease". Minneapolis has a wonderful theater district and it's exciting to see all the lights and people.  We had awesome seats and the performance was tremendous. I'm admitting it here and now...I'm a big American Idol fan. Taylor Hicks was Teen Angel... his singing and harmonica playing was great... but his pants were so tight I was hoping they'd stay on...geeze...not sure how they didn't split?!?!

Something else that doesn't happen every day...the lights went down for the play to start and a side door opens comes this guy and a whole entourage. Do you know who this is?  Well, if you're from Minnesota you had better!!

About 7 rows (alright, I counted, it WAS 7 rows) in front of us was Brett Farve!!  You could just hear the whispers grow across the theater. Let's just say I made my whole male family jealous with my text message.  You can be sure there was a lot of texting going on during the first act!

There also isn't a good wool store close to us. Yet, that is.  It will be nice when Farmhouse Woolens opens in a few months.  So on another trip to the Cities four of us went to LJ Fibers.  Karen went to make purchases for the store. She was the first one in (& I think the last one out) and you can see she was thinking mighty hard on what she should buy.

Faye, Denise and I didn't do too bad ourselves!!

Getting a package from France doesn't happen every day either. But today was the day that "Quilt Country" magazine was delivered.  I promised I would share what the article was like.  I was totally surprised to find that there were 5 pages!  Now I just have to find someone who can tell me what it says!!

I also said I'd choose someone to receive the pattern, "Breezy".

Uh la la....Arlette you won!

Please email your address. Hmmm... isn't Arlette a French name?

Last Updated ( Monday, 07 December 2009 )
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